About Pollmonk

About pollmonk | Best online survey

Pollmonk is a user-friendly survey application designed and developed with the sole purpose to help businesses overcome all their problems of creating and marketing their surveys (for better and enhanced insights/ better business-decisions)

Pollmonk is unique in its own way, comes with all the features that help you get the most out of your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Survey Projects.

Pollmonk as your, robust and scalable survey application, is the right solution for all your surveys.

  • Whether you are running a survey to get feedback from your customers or have an intention to improve employee experience with actionable insights.
  • Whether you want to launch breakthrough products by understanding more about your potential customers, putting customers at the heart of every decision or understand your market better with custom surveys.


Get answers to all your marketing needs, brand, customer and product questions by making use of the Pollmonk.

Our world-class survey application can handle virtually everything for you from simple questionnaire to all detailed research projects.

Integrate feedback into any third-party systems that help you drive your business such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Service Cloud, HubSpot etc. 

Easy to run surveys, collect feedback from customers, employers, partners, suppliers, or other stakeholders using social media channels as preferred.

It is time now that you put data into motion, integrate the data, smartly act on it, protect it and of course, close the hidden loops much faster.