Driving Loyalty & Trust With Customers Through Automobile Survey

Accelerating a relationship by considering every little customer experience detail with the assistance of an online survey platform.
Provide lifelong patron adherence backgrounds for test drives, buying a new car, or getting serviced through Pollmonk’s survey platform.

Satisfaction Through Automobile Survey

Listen to your customers. Activate the untapped power of your word of mouth by loyal customers.

The automotive industry deals with high-value purchases, this needs exceptional customer experiences as it becomes the prime factor in customers decisions. An automobile survey, be it a car or a commercial vehicle is influenced by various factors like people`s emotions, preferences, extensive research along with the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Pollmonk's feedback and survey management software helps the global automotive industry collect multi-channel feedback across the customer journey. This process helps identify marketing campaigns, identify target markets, capitalize on opportunities, and learn about the competitors,, all through digital research and analysis. The entire process helps both automakers and dealer showrooms take the appropriate actions necessary to meet customer expectations and needs and achieve sales goals.

Online Survey Platform, for Once In Lifetime Experience!

Be it for test drive, or buying or for servicing the vehicle, Pollmonk survey and feedback management software will always be your partner in learning about the

Automobile Survey = Best Buying Experience

For most people, buying a car is a big event. So it’s no surprise that car buyers do a lot of research before buying. As the automobile dealer, you making the equal effort to understand the customer’s needs which is the only way for business success. Let’s do it the Pollmonk way!
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A platform that enables you to connect to the customer, leading you towards a stronger satisfied customer

The Pollmonk automobile survey solution’s capabilities go beyond determining customer satisfaction.. With analysis tools with inbuilt NPS and CSAT indicators we provide you with competitive insights through Pollmonk survey to get you the information you need to make better business decisions which intern helps to provide customers experience of a lifetime leading to lifelong customer loyalty
Reach respondent customers wherever they are with surveys on via weblinks, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, chatbots and many more.
Turn feedback into actions with our customized digital marketing solutions

Analytical Features

CSAT(Customer Satisfaction)

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Data Representation Tools