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Pollmonk is known for its services that help ease the problem of every industry, and job satisfaction survey is a burning need at all working spaces, whether small scale or large scale.

Through a employee satisfaction survey, you get an inclusive insight into employee relations and concerns without hampering the privacy.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Listen to your employees. Make use of your people's latent potential.

If an organization needs to succeed, it is the employees who make the greatest contribution, not the profits. Communication is the key to keeping your employees engaged and your business moving forward. Therefore, employee surveys provide all the analysis you need to track how satisfied your employees are with your company.

With motivated, loyal and well-trained employees and a happy work environment, companies can achieve higher productivity. Employee surveys are therefore an effective tool for creating positive change in a company. However, it is important to ensure that they are effectively planned, designed and reported. With Pollmonk, as the organization, you can help employees achieve higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

Creating An Understandable Workable Environment with Employee Feedback Form.

Whether conducting a survey on staff motivation, job satisfaction or exit interviews, Pollmonk can help in analyzing all these survey data to give you better insights

Scale Your Organization to the next level!

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement should be high on every company’s list of goals. Because employees interact with many customers every day, they are the first to notice when something goes wrong. At pollmonk, we help you collect employee feedback, analyse the data, with insights the will get to the top of every issue.
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A platform that enables you with the most critical data

“The Pollmonk employee survey solution is more than just a means of gauging employee happiness. With analysis tools with inbuilt NPS and CSAT indicators will help you achieve to build a better workplace for employees and Employee focused strategy has become the norm, not the exception in thriving companies and consumers look favorably on organizations investing in people, rather than profits this is where pollmonk plays a significant role.
Reach employees wherever they are with surveys on via weblinks, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, chatbots and many more.
Turn feedback into actions with our customized digital marketing solutions.

Analytical Features

CSAT(Customer Satisfaction)

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Data Representation Tools