Feedback Surveys - A Strategic Imperative For Your Company's Success

The world today is driven by data. Businesses across the globe invest deeply in online surveys generating business insights in order to take accurate decisions. Consumers from across all platforms need more personalized products and services. This is exactly what business leaders are investing in – Online survey software helps in knowing the wants and needs of the customers with respect to the products and services and it is the most powerful strength for product innovation.

If a product developer has a piece of the preceding information, a feedback survey like a customer satisfaction survey report about the sort of product/ service that the customer needs he can arm himself better to serve the purpose. Making the customers aware of the product helps improve choices and overall satisfaction.

Multi-national corporations like Dell, Hyatt, Starbucks, Salesforce, Ford, Apple, and JD Power have leveraged this process and have seen tremendous success. When we look closely, we can learn that all these companies relied on feedback and surveys to get closer to their customers, they built questionnaires on customer satisfaction and found critical insights. We decided to talk about this in detail today and more about customer feedback surveys for business improvement.


Feedback and surveys are processes used to recognize or quantify the happiness and satisfaction of different business entities or consumers. It is analyzed by following the products/services or the working atmosphere of the company. Most companies use online surveys instead of old paper forms to save on time, energy, and resources.

Feedback survey or the customer survey allows businesses across all industries to professionally collect authentic feedback, opinions, and responses from customers, clients, vendors, and employees, and use that data to improve operations, make any necessary regulations/ adjustments to the onboarding process, surge sales, reduce costs and discover product development opportunities.

Dell launched Idea Strom in 2007 to receive ideas and feedback from its customers and vendors and added a badges system for the site’s regular contributors. Users left reviews and complaints and they were voted on and commented on. This data was taken seriously by the company towards process optimization. In addition to this, the company received about 500 ideas from its users.

Starbucks launched My Starbucks Idea in 2008 when the company realized it needed to start truly listening to its customers. In that year alone, they got over 70,000 responses from customers and over 190,000 by 2015.


Survey answers can incite discussions on tactical business decisions and provide impartial data to guide decision-making or settle the efficiency of present practices. Feedback gathered from online survey tools can also tell you what customers think about your brand and products, as well as provide a baseline for comparison over time. However, within the online survey platform, there are a variety of survey types and techniques, so before designing a customer feedback form, you should know the difference between them so you can select the type of survey most suited to your needs. It is also important to be acquainted with the best practices for putting together a survey that will give you valid results you can use, and ensure higher rates of completion.

Importance of feedback and surveys

Feedback is integral to every business. On every occasion any company communicates with its customers, employees, partners, or stakeholders, it opens itself up to verbal feedback. Validating the process through feedback and survey can help emphasize, gather and integrate this information into actionable change.

By conducting surveys, you can gain exclusive insights into how your business can improve its product, service, or operations – which ultimately benefits your bottom line.

Here are just a few advantages of feedback surveys:

They provide immediate feedback. You can send out surveys at any time and on any topic related to your business, whether it's a snapshot in time or immediately following a launch or event. This enables survey participants to provide feedback in real time, allowing you to capitalize on the results quickly.

They enable companies to remain flexible and up-to-date with trends. A regular look into client trends and demands can be found in customer feedback surveys, which provide quick information.

They can quantify change over time. Conducting the same survey multiple times - for example, before and after a change in your company - provides quantitative information about change over time, demonstrating the impact of those changes.

They convey to clients and staff that their thoughts are valued. Both clients and staff want to be heard. Feedback forms demonstrate to customers that you value their views and that they have the power to influence good change.

Surveys should not be considered short-term projects. Your customers' and employees' needs are likely to change as your company grows and evolves over time. Regular surveys can provide you with the information you need to continue meeting the needs of your users and employees.

Types Of Surveys

Best employee satisfaction survey

Event Evaluation Survey

The event evaluation survey can assist you in determining whether and how attendees perceived the event differently.

Job Satisfaction Survey - Survey Software | Pollmonk

Job Satisfaction Survey

Using a work satisfaction survey, you may assess each employee's opinions about the business and gauge their level of job happiness.

Job Satisfaction Survey - Pollmonk Software

New Hire Survey

You may detect issues with your onboarding procedure and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a great experience for future workers by using a new-hire survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Pollmonk Software

Customer Satisfaction Survey

You may gauge how satisfied your consumers are with your business, its offerings, and its services by conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

Online survey for market research

Market Research Survey

A market research survey allows you to collect information about your market, such as how and where your products are purchased, the demographics of your customers, and the competitive landscape.

Brand Awareness Survey Software - Pollmonk

Brand Awareness Survey

You may find out how well your customers are aware of your brand, the significance of your name and logo, and what your brand stands for by conducting a brand awareness survey.

Best employee satisfaction survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees can offer insight on what is and isn't effective. In addition to providing information about the general health of your business, an employee satisfaction survey can help you swiftly identify and fix issues or inefficiencies at any level of the organization.

Lead Generation Survey Software - Pollmonk

Lead Generation Survey

You can find out your target audience's contact information and some of their preferences by using a lead generation survey. It enables you to compile a list of potential customers who might be interested in your good or service.

Training Evaluation Survey Software - Pollmonk

Training Evaluation Survey

These surveys can inquire about the training content's quality, its relevance to its role, and the instructor's performance. It can also assist you in determining how well the course content was understood, allowing you and the instructor to address issues as they arise.

Exit Interview Survey - Pollmonk Software

Exit Interview Survey

You can learn the reasons why a worker decided to quit the organization by conducting an exit interview survey. The departure interview survey can offer insightful data on how to enhance the working environment when paired with other employee satisfaction surveys.

Analyzing survey results

It’s time to integrate the information you’ve been given after creating a feedback survey and collecting responses. Here’s how to analyze, digest, and apply the results of your survey:

Recognize the survey’s objectives. Think about why you wanted to conduct the survey in the first place, the data you hoped to collect, and the purposes for which you intended to use it. You may utilize the results of a poll you conducted on employee satisfaction with the onboarding procedure, for instance, to determine whether the training was successful and what procedures you should add or modify going forward.

Recognize patterns in feedback. While you should consider individual responses, looking at the overarching themes in your feedback will give you a better understanding of what you need to address. It is also recommended that survey results be combined with other feedback, such as previous surveys or employee performance reviews, in order to identify any patterns or correlations.

Based on the outcomes, establish priorities and goals. Determine which aspects of your company are operating well and which require adjustment based on the survey replies. Prioritize your company’s areas for improvement, then create goals that can be easily achieved.

Implement the findings. It’s finally time to put your plans into action. Consider publishing the results or sharing the information with your employees or customers; doing so demonstrates transparency in your company’s processes and demonstrates to them that you are listening to their concerns. After you’ve had some time to put the results into action, you can conduct another feedback survey to assess the success of your efforts.

It’s time to implement your company goals! Consider basing the changes on the requirements of your staff if you want to increase the success of your business: let’s gather and use some input! You can move forward with your BUSINESS and HR efforts with POLLMONK’s assistance.

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