A Better Approach Towards Governance!

Creating a better connection with your public.
With the assistance of Pollmonk, you would be able to engage better with your voters/citizens, to put forth some critical questions, while choosing better governance.

Through government online feedback surveys, you enable the public to trust you better and help the government make better decisions and drive public-centric outcomes.


Provide better governance by hearing from your citizens.

Everyday 1000s of civilians walk into various government departments or use its services. Ask them for paperless feedback using Pollmonk. These are the data points on the beliefs, emotions and sentiments that drive their decisions. Pollmonk makes it easy for you to turn data into insights and design experiences that engage and build trust amongst your staff and citizens alike, through online survey feedback.

Help your departments serve citizens with a solution that revolutionises the way they experience governance. Use Pollmonk to gather their views on how to develop the overall efficiency of the departments that directly interact with the public. Improve their reputation and boost public trust in the government.

Improve the experience for those you serve.

Whether assisting a commoner, taxpayer, passenger, farmer, or student, Pollmonk can help you transform daily interactions in the services you provide.

Keeping up with the democracy Through Government Surveys

Customers interact daily with government services at the local level. Pollmonk could be used to enhance these departments and elevate the constituent voice with richer feedback and robust action management across many touch points.
Government survey - Pollmonk


Critical Data Handling Is Easy

Pollmonk’s government analysis survey solution goes beyond simply measuring citizen satisfaction. With analysis tools with inbuilt NPS and CSAT indicators, you will be sure of the near, medium, and long-term actions required. With each survey report, you can measure success through customers’ eyes, identify cost-reduction opportunities, and strengthen performance.
Reach respondent voters wherever they are with surveys via web links, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, chatbots, and many more.
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Analytical Features

CSAT(Customer Satisfaction)

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Data Representation Tools