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Pollmonk is known for its services that help ease the problem of every industry, and Healthcare is one of the core industries of our society.

Through a patient satisfaction survey, you get an inclusive insight into the areas of development and the areas which perfected the right service.


Identify drivers influencing patient satisfaction. Build the community's trust and reliability on your hospital.

Pollmonk helps influence patient satisfaction, to build the best trust within the community, because hospitals are places with high trust and best facilities. With value-based reimbursement, hospitals face many new cost containment challenges that can impact revenue and slow progress in a challenging market.

Hospitality and patient care are key to healthcare. With pollmonk, you can collect and analyse more information faster, create custom healthcare surveys, and take advantage of expert templates. Distribute surveys via email, website or and mobile devices. Analyse your results using our powerful platform. Use analytics to understand patient demands and needs that directly impact hospital revenue and growth.

Creating An Understandable Environment In Hospitals

Patients feedback surveys help understand the shortcomings and improve the healthcare services by analysing the data insights, this results in achieving growth & trust of the patients.

Healthcare Satisfaction Surveys Are An Easy Way To Provide Better Experience

In a changing healthcare environment, the need for timely and reliable feedback remains constant. Pollmonk helps you quickly collect patient feedback and analyse key patient and stakeholder insights that directly impact hospital revenue and growth.
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Online Survey Tool Helping You Stay Connected With Your Patients & Hospital Staff

Beyond assessing patient satisfaction and other basic metrics. The Pollmonk Prescience’s healthcare survey solution using pollmonk survey tool, the hospital personnel and patients will feel more at ease presenting you with accurate feedback on critical topics. Additionally with inbuilt NPS and CSAT indicators, you will be sure of the near, medium and long term actions required.
Reach respondent patients and hospital staff wherever they are with surveys on via weblinks, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, chatbots and many more.
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Analytical Features

CSAT(Customer Satisfaction)

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Data Representation Tools