Scaling Guest Satisfaction, Higher Through Hospitality Feedback Form

To be one of the pioneers within the hospitality industry, there are tons of factors that are evaluated to be considered, hospitality surveys are an easy step to begin.
Guests and travellers are bestsellers, thus it’s imperative to provide a highly comfortable experience, and get constructive feedback for further improvisations. Pollmonk offers custom forms for each of these areas of your business success.

Guest Satisfaction Survey

Owning up to the customer experience, and scaling things the better way!

With pacing times, and travel increases exponential, it is imperative that you receive a ton of guests, and this becomes an open opportunity, to understand your customer, if the hostels well placed, easy to locate, and if the hospitality was top notch. Mantra to hospitality success is nothing but all these parameters measured, optimised, and advanced? Pollmonk helps in each of these steps.

The importance of conducting surveys in the retail sector is increased by the fact that customers switch brands quickly. However, if you are successful in continually gratifying your clients, they develop into the most devoted clients.

Understanding Expectations & Exceeding them with hotel feedback survey!

Striving to be a perfect carousel of guest satisfaction, manage expectations and understand the market standards, Pollmonk’s online feedback tool does it just right.

Creating Better Online Surveys With Ease!

There are more seamless ways than paper forms to collect useful information from visitors. With Pollmonk’s online survey feedback tool, you get it all in just one click
Best hospitality survey in customer satisfaction


A platform that enables you to stay connected with your guests and staff

Pollmonk Prescience Hospitality survey solution goes beyond simply measuring guest satisfaction, with inbuilt NPS and CSAT indicators it assures you outstanding business outcomes—high revenue, repeat visitors/bookings, and favourable word-of-mouth—you will be able to track the client journey, gather data, and evaluate it.
Reach respondent guests and staff wherever they are with surveys via web links, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, apps, websites, chatbots, and many more.
Turn feedback into actions with our customized digital marketing solutions.

Analytical Features

CSAT(Customer Satisfaction)

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Data Representation Tools